How it Works


1) Decide

Time Sheet allows for your employees to report their work on each project on a weekly or bi-monthly manner so that you can approve their time. You decide how frequent you want your employees to submit their timesheet.

2) Try

Download the application from the app store (search technogems timesheet) and register for a new account. Setup your company by selecting the "Trial corporate account" and set your timesheet preference. Provide the company code to all your employees and ask them to download the app from the app store. Have your employees register for their own account and select the "Trial basic user" option. They will be asked to provide the company code where they can put the company code you provided.

3) Create project & start reporting time

Once your employees have signed up, you can create projects and assign to them using the "Admin Settings" option. Your employees will see those projects and they can report time worked on those projects. (If they do not see the new projects automatically, please ask them to use the refresh configuration option) At the end of each time period, they can submit the timesheet and they will be shown in your dashboard for your approval. Once you approved, their time, they wont be able to change the time reported. This assures that your employees wont change their time without your knowledge. If they make a mistake and need to correct, you can simply reject their timesheet and they can re-submit after making corrections.

4) Enjoy accountability

You can see all the submitted timesheets in the dashboard. You can see the number of hours reported for each project. Since this is a electronic timekeeping system, you will know when and where they reported the time, who many times they corrected their time etc by looking at the logs. You can also view the reports so you know if every one is reporting the time properly. We also let you download the reports so you can view it anywhere.

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