1. How much does the service cost?
    We offer affordable plans for small business. Our annual plans start from $14.99/- per year for administrators and $9.99 for individual users.

2. Do I need a server to run timesheet application?
   No. The timesheet application is provided as a cloud hosted solution. However, if you like to host it within your own servers, we will be happy to support that option.


1. Do you provide technical support?
   Yes. We offer 24/7 email support.

2. Will I be able to enter time if there is no internet connection?
   Yes. If you are using the mobile client, you can enter time when there is no internet
   connection and the application will synchronize to the server when the internet connection is established.


1. I manage several employees. Will I be able to view the time entered by all my employees.
   Yes. If you are a supervisior, you can see the time entered by all your direct reports.

2. Our company employees would checkin when they start work and check out when they end their day. Will you support this option.
    Yes, our time card application supports this option. Our check-in check out mode supports this option. It automatically calculates the number of hours worked on each project based on check-in and out time.

3. Our employees would prefer entering the hours directly without entering the start and end time. Will you support that option.
   Yes. Our timesheet application supports this option.

4. Will I be able to enter time from my smart phone?
   Yes. We offer native applications for Android and iOS platforms. You can use these easy to use applications to enter time and view reports.

5. Will I be able to approve/reject time entered by our employees.
    Yes. your employees can enter their weekly timesheet and submit for approval. You will be able to approve or reject timesheet. Once approved, the timesheet is locked and the employees will not be able to change the time.

6. How do I signup for the service?
   You can download the Android or IOS version of the app from the app store and signup for the trial account. Once your trial period is over you can upgrade directly from the app. If you have any questions or want to find about registering users in bulk, contact us at info at technogemsinc dot com or call us at 571-482-9701


1. Will you sell/share my data to anyone else?
   No. No. We will not sell or share your data with anyone else. We do not use your contact information or your employees contact info for any marketing.

3) Signup

To use the TimeCard application beyond the trial period, simply contact us or drop us an email to setup a service.

Please see the demo on

A. Video Pop-up preview sample: Preview

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2. How to upgrade a Corporate user: Preview
3. How to Trial upgrade a Basic user: Preview
4. How to Trial upgrade a Corporate user: Preview
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6. How to add a child user to my account: Preview

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